vRealize Operations Manager 6.X node types

vROps 6.0 contains a common node architecture for all platforms which include Windows, Linux (RHEL) or appliance. We have four deployment nodes as listed below.

  • Master Node
  • Master Replica Node
  • Data Node
  • Remote collector Node

You must select a role when you try to add node into the cluster.

Master / Master replica node:
The master or master replica node is required for availability of the Operations Manager cluster. It includes all vROps 6.0 services i.e. UI, Controller, Analytic, Collector, and Persistence.
This role also includes the services that are not replicated across all nodes in the cluster. These services are as below.
• Global xDB
• NTP server
• Gem Fire locator
Data node:
It provides the core functionality of collecting and processing data and data queries. It also extends the vROps cluster as a member of the GemFire Federation. A data node is almost identical to a master/master replica node except that it does not contain Global xDB, NTP server, and GemFire locator.
Remote collector node:
The remote collector role is a standalone collector for remote. Remote collectors do not process data themselves; instead, they simply forward data to data nodes for analytics processing. Remote collector nodes do not run core vROps components like:
• The Product UI
• Controller
• Analytics
• Persistence
Remote collectors are not members of the GemFire Federation as they do not run any of vROps core components.

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