vRealize Operations Manager 6.X persistence layer and its databases

vROps 6.x Persistence Layer:

The Persistence layer  is the layer where the data is persisted to a disk. The layer primarily consists of a series of databases that replace the existing vCOps 5.x filesystem database (FSDB) and PostgreSQL combination.

vROps 6.0 has four primary database services built on the EMC Documentum xDB (an XML database) and the original FSDB.

Global xDB:
Global xDB is solely located on the master node (and master replica if high availability is enabled).
Global xDB contains all of the data that cannot be sharded i.e.  User configuration data that includes:
• User created dashboards and reports
• Policy settings and alert rules
• Super metric formulas (not super metric data, as it is sharded in the FSDB)
• Resource control objects
Alarms xDB:
Alerts and Alarms xDB is a sharded xDB database that contains information on Dynamic Threshhold breaches. This information then gets converted into vROps alarms based on active policies.
HIS xDB is a sharded xDB database that holds historical information on all resource properties and parent/child relationships. HIS is used to change data back to the analytics layer based on the incoming metric data that is then used for Dynamic Threshhold calculations and symptom/alarm generation.
The FSDB contains all raw time series metrics for the discovered resources.

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