What is Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC)?

Software Defined is now a days common term used in the virtualization and cloud solutions. You may have also seen terms like below.

  • Software defined Datacenter (SDDC)
  • Software defined Networking (SDN)
  • Software defined Compute (SD-Compute)
  • Software defined Storage (SDS)

What do we exactly mean by this term Software Defined?

In any datacenter, we have four important resources which acts as pillars of the datacenter. These resources are CPU, Memory, Network, Storage. All of these resources are interdependent.

When we talk about term Software defined, it generally means that we are virtualizing these datacenter resources so that our datacenter’s can become flexible and we can scale our datacenter’s to Cloud functionality.

The term Software defined is an approach or vision towards virtualizing datacenter resources. So If I try to summarize the meaning of Software defined, it would be as below.

  • Software Defined  =  Virtualized        Hence,
  • SDDC  =  Virtualized Datacenter
  • SDN   =   Virtualized Network
  • SDS   =   Virtualized Storage
  • SDC  =   Virtualized Compute

I hope this clears the clouds around the term Software Defined.

Now as I mentioned, we will be virtualizing these datacenter resources in order to make datacenter’s more flexible by means of virtualization, we will be using virtualization products from Vendor like VMware. Below image describes the products that are associated with VMware virtualization of datacenter resources and scale-out to cloud Services.

Image: VMware

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