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What is Safety Net in Exchange 2013

Safety Net is a special message queue that is available in the Transport service on every Mailbox server. By default, this queue stores up to two days of messages that are successfully delivered to a mailbox database.

Safety Net helps protect against Mailbox server failures in which transaction logs are lost. If a failure occurs and some transaction logs are not replicated to the passive copy, you can use Safety Net to redeliver messages.

Safety Net in Exchange Server 2013 improves the transport dumpster in Exchange Server 2010 in the following ways:

How Safety Net Works

1. The Transport service on the primary server processes the primary message.
2. The Mailbox Transport service delivers the message to the local mailbox database. Then the message is moved from the queue to the primary Safety Net queue.
3. The shadow server frequently polls the primary server for the discard status of the primary message.
4. After the discard status is received, the shadow server moves the message from the shadow queue to the shadow Safety Net queue.

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