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VMware Memory reclamation techniques run cycle in vSphere 6.x Part-1


Why Memory reclamation:

ESXi supports memory over commitment in order to provide higher memory utilization and higher ratio of consolidation. In order to effectively support memory over commitment, the hypervisor provides efficient host memory reclamation techniques.

ESXi uses several techniques to reclaim virtual machine memory, which are:

Now the  question is, when do these techniques are running, is it always? is it at specific threshold? So let’s explore that too.

Which memory reclamation technique is active will depend upon which memory state is active currently.

Following are the possible memory states in ESXi host.

I have explained these states in another article on  Sliding scale method

Below chart explains which memory reclamation technique will be active considering which memory state is active.


Below is the list of articles in this series for further reading.

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