How to add Identity source in vCenter 6.0 Single Sign On?

  • Login to vCenter Web client and on home screen, navigate to Administration section from navigation menu as highlighted in below screenshot.
  • Click on Configuration and then click on green “+” symbol in middle pane as shown in below figure.
  • Once you click add symbol, Identity source details window will pop-up. Select correct identity source as I have selected AD over LDAP and then enter other details as shown in below figure.
  • Once entered all details, click “TestConnection” button. If all information is correct, you should get connection established box. Click OK to close it.
  • Click OK on identity source details window.
  • Once we are completed with this, we should have our identity source added to the list as shown in below figure.
  • Newly added identity source later can be used to search users/groups while granting permissions.

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