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vRealize Operations Manager 6.X Maintenance Schedules

During planned maintenance activities, many resources in the organizations are taken offline intentionally. For example, a server might be taken offline for patch management.If vROps Manager collects data when a resource is offline, it might generate incorrect anomalies and alerts that affect the data for setting dynamic thresholds for the resource attributes.

Maintenance schedules helps to identify objects that are in maintenance mode at specific times, vROps Manager does not collect data from the resource or generate anomalies or alerts for it.

If a resource undergoes maintenance at fixed intervals like weekly or monthly, you can create a maintenance schedule and assign it to the resource.

For example, you can put a resource in maintenance mode from midnight 12 AM to 3 AM each Sunday night as in example below.

How to add Maintenance schedule

  • In the left pane, click Administration.
  • Select Maintenance Schedules.
  • From the toolbar, click the button to add a maintenance schedule.
  • Enter a name that describes the maintenance schedule. Select a time of day when maintenance can begin.Select a time of day when maintenance must stop.Select the repeatable pattern of days when maintenance occurs, within the times already specified.
  • Click Save. You should have newly added maintenance schedule in the list.
How to assign maintenance schedule to resources

You can turn on and configure the settings for the Time element for the object types in your existing or new policy so that you can override the settings. This allows vROps Manager to calculate analytics for the group at specific times.Procedure:

  • Navigate to Policies on administration page.
  • Select policy that you want to modify and click edit icon as shown in below image. We can also create a new policy in order to meet any custom requirements. I have modified the default policy just for demo.
  • Navigate to Override Analysis Settings
  • Navigate to Time settings in middle pane. By default, this is not enabled, as shown below. Enable the settings by moving slider to right as shown in image below.
  • Once enabled, change the time settings as per your requirement and select the maintenance schedule that you created earlier as highlighted in below image.
  • Then navigate to Apply policy to groups and select the group on which you want to apply the new time settings with maintenance schedule and click Save.
  • I have modified the default policy just to demonstrate the steps, however, you can create new policy for custom requirements and apply to Custom groups if there is requirement.
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