Tenant Branding in vRealize Automation 7.X

Below is the step by step guide on how to do tenant branding in vRA 7.x Environment.

  • Login to vRA 7 self service portal using tenant administrator role and navigate to Administration Tab > Branding
  • Now navigate to Login screen branding to customize login screen formatting.
  •  In the middle pane,  upload your company logo which will appear on Credentials window top bar.
  •  You can also upload image to be used as background image for login page as shown in below image.


  •  Customize the color scheme as per your requirement by changing respective hex color codes and click on Save Button to save the changes.
  •  For further branding customization’s, navigate to Header & Footer Branding option in left menu.
  • Under Header tab, upload the logo image by clicking browse button. Also you can enter additional details like company name, product name and modify color scheme appearance by changing hex color codes and click next.
  •  On footer tab, enter details like copyright year, privacy policy and contacts link and click on finish Button.
  •  Once all changes done, logout from the session and verify the changes are in effect. Login screen should appear with updated details as in image below. In my case I changed background image and logo on credentials prompt window.
  •  Login to self service portal to verify Header and Footer changes. As in below images reflect the Header logo and copyright information.

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