Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Windows Azure VM pricing

In Azure, virtual machines are billed on a per-minute basis. If I run an 8-vCPU virtual machine
for 12 hours each month, then I only pay the cost for 12 hours of runtime. It does not matter how busy the VM is. You pay the same price whether the vCPUs in the VM are running at 100 percent or 1 percent processor utilization. 

It’s important to shut down and deprovision from the Azure fabric any virtual machines that are not required to avoid paying for resources you don’t need. If you just shutdown, you will be charged with nominal charges as resources are still with virtual machine though it is not in running state.

De-provision just means the virtual machine no longer has resources reserved in the Azure fabric. The virtual machine can be restarted when you need it again. At that point, resources are allocated in the fabric automatically; the VM will start as expected.

for more information on pricing details, click on Azure VM pricing link under Useful links.

What is Azure Portal?

An online management portal provides the easy way to manage the resources into Azure. You can use online portal to create virtual networks, use cloud services, set up VMs, set up storage accounts, define websites, and so on.

There are two versions of the portal
currently. The one in production is called the Azure
Management Portal
. The new one under construction is called the Azure Preview Portal.

The two portals have different look and feel, and you navigate each one differently with their URLs. Not all features have been migrated to the Azure Preview Portal yet. However, some features are only in the new portal, such as enabling and managing the Redis Cache.

Azure Preview Portal
The Azure Preview Portal is located at portal.microsoft.com.

Azure Management Portal
The current production version of the Azure Management Portal is at manage.windowsazure.com.

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