vSphere Installation Part-1: Installing ESXi server 6.5

In this series we will walkthrough the installation steps for installing ESXi 6.5 and vCenter Server 6.5.

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Below is the step by step walkthrough along with screenshots of installation process for ESXi 6.5.

  • Boot your system with ESXi image media, this will start the ESXi installation.

  •  Once required modules are loaded, press Enter key to continue installation.

  • Accept the license agreement by pressing F11 key.

  •  Select the drive to install ESXi 6.5 local or remote as per your preference.

  •  Select the keyboard layout as per your geographic location.

  • Press F11 to confirm the installation.

  • Installation process shall take few minutes complete.

  • Once the installation is done, press Enter key to confirm server reboot. Remove installation boot media before reboot.

  • After server reboot, you can configure the ESXi server settings to further customizations by pressing F2 key.

Hope this helps. !!!Cheers!!!

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