vSphere Installation Part-4: Installing vCenter Server 6.5 in distributed deployment (vCenter Appliance)

This will be the last post in this series of vSphere installation 6.5. You can find previous 3 articles as below.

vSphere Installation Part-1: Installing ESXi server 6.5
vSphere Installation Part-2: Installing vCenter server 6.5 appliance in embedded mode
vSphere Installation Part-3: vCenter Server 6.5 distributed installation (External PSC)

In previous article we deployed external PSC appliance and configured SSO domain. In this post we will deploy vCenter 6.5 appliance and join the SSO domain configured previously.

  • Navigate to installation media we mounted for PSC installation and launch the installer.exe again.
  • On Installer screen click Install to proceed with vCenter appliance deployment.

  • On stage 1 – Deploy appliance screen, click next to continue the setup.
  • Accept the EULA and click next to continue.

  • This time select deployment type as vCenter Server under External Platform Services Controller and click next to continue.

  • Enter the ESXi Server details where you will deploy and host vCenter Appliance VM and click next.

  •  Provide vCenter Appliance details as per your environment and click next.

  • Select expected size of inventory in your environment from drop down. Setup will display required resource information as per your selection. Review the same and make sure you have enough resources. Click next to continue.

  • Select the datastore where you want to place vCenter Appliance VM files and click next.

  •  Provide network details as per your environment and click next

  • Finally review the settings and click finish to continue the deployment process.

  • Once clicked finish, deployment process will be initiated for vCenter appliance. Wait for deployment to get completed. 

  • Once deployment is completed, Click continue to launch stage 2 of vCenter Appliance setup.

  •  On Stage 2 – Setup vCenter appliance screen click next to continue.

  •  Configure NTP and SSH services as per your requirement and click next.

  • Provide the details of PSC appliance deployed previously and click next to continue.

  • Review the configuration and click Finish to continue configuring vCenter appliance.

  • Once clicked finish it will show the warning that setup cannot be stopped once started. Click OK to continue.

  • Once the setup is started, wait for setup to complete.

  •  Once setup is completed, you will see the link for vSphere Web client.

  • Access and login to the Web client to confirm successful deployment of vCenter Appliance.

  • You can also check health status by connecting to VAMI page of vCenter appliance.

  • Below is the screenshot of ESXi host client inventory where PSC appliance and vCenter appliance are running for this test environment.

Finally this post completes the series for vSphere 6.5 Installation. Feel free to comment for any queries or suggestions.

Hope this helps.


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