ESXi 6.5/6.x Partition layout

I was bit curious about any change in terms of disk layout in ESXi 6.5. So when I checked, there was no difference as compared to 6.0.

We used to have ESXi partition layout in ESXi 6.0 as shown in below image.

When executed df -h command, below was the output.

As you can see, we can notice four partitions in the above screenshot as below.

  1. 250 MB – Boot Bank partition (System Partition)
  2. 250 MB – Alt Boot bank partition (LinuxNative)
  3. 4 GB – Scratch partition
  4. 286 MB – Store partition
To check it further, I tried running few extra commands like partedUtil and ls -l as below.

As in above screenshot we can notice some additional partitions as below.
  • 4 MB – Pre-boot partition
  • 110 MB – First Diagnostic partition
  • 2.5 GB – Second Diagnostic partition
Other partitions that you see in above screenshots are the VMFS data stores on my ESXi Server.

You can check current status of active diagnostic partition, as we have two diagnostic partitions. Use ESXCLI command as below.

So the conclusion is that the partition layout for ESXi server remains unchanged in ESXi 6.5 from its previous versions like 6.0 or ESXi 5.5 U3. However, will keep an eye on this in case I come across some update on this. Will keep you posted.

Hope this helps. Cheers!!!!

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