Setting up a Horizon View 7 deployment for Chrome OS clients

System requirements for Horizon Client on Chrome OS are:
Device models: 
  • Chromebook

Operating systems: 

  • Chrome OS, stable channel, ARC version 41.4410.244.13 or later

CPU architecture: 

  • ARM
  • x86 (Preferred over ARM system for better performance.)

Display protocol for View:

  • PCoIP
  • VMware Blast (requires Horizon Client 4.0 or later and Horizon Agent 7.0 or later)

Connection Server, Security Server, and View Agent or Horizon Agent.

• Latest maintenance release of View 5.3.x and later releases.

• VMware recommends to use a security server so that device will not require a VPN connection.

• To use the Unity Touch feature with View 5.3.x desktops, the Remote Experience Agent must be installed on the desktops.

Install Horizon Client for Chrome OS just like any other Chrome OS applications.1. Search for the Horizon Client for Chrome OS application in the Chrome Web Store.

2. Download and install the application.

3. To determine that the installation is successfully completed, verify that the Horizon Client for Chrome OS application icon appears in the Chrome Application Launcher.

Hope this helps. Cheers!!!!

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