Data recovery password in Horizon view 7.x

Data recovery password is configured during the initial setup of horizon view connection server as shown in below image. Data recovery password is required during the restore operations of AD LDS instance using vdmimport command.

It is good idea to set data recovery password along with password reminder as it can be used to recover password in case you loose/forget the password.

Data recovery password can be changed as required at later time also from View global settings page or Backup tab in Connection server properties as shown below.

AD LDS backup automatically runs everyday midnight as default schedule. We can change the periodicity of the backup, retention, offset and default path.

One thing to be noticed here, there is no option to set clock time for backup schedule. We can only mention periodicity like every hour or every 6 hour and so on as shown below.

Manual backup option is also available in the View administration portal, hence can be executed as required from admin portal >View Configuration > Servers > Backup now button as shown below.

When backup is executed, it backs up AD LDS instance as well as the composer database in default path on connection server.

AD LDS Backup file (*.LDF) is by default encrypted. Hence, cannot be used directly while performing restore operations. One needs to decrypt the backup file first and then decrypted file is used to perform the restore operation.

In order to generate decrypted LDF instance, vdmimport command is used with below syntax.

vdmimport -p “Your data recovery password” -f “Backup file path” > “new file name”.ldf

In case you do not remember the data recovery password and try wrong password, error will be generated upon executing command as shown below.

Assuming that we do not know password for recovery, simply run vdmimport command without -p parameter. Once command is executed, it will prompt you for the data recovery password, however, if you had configured the reminder option, it will show you reminder string above password prompt as shown in image.

Enter the Password to proceed with decrypt operation. Once you have the decrypted LDF file. Use it to perform restore of AD LDS instance.

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