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Enable monitor mode for wifi adapter with new MAC (random/custom) python code for Kali Linux/Parrot like distros

import subprocess
import time
import sys

iface = input("Enter the name of interface to play with:- ")print("Now lets give you some new identity so you can hide who you are")nmac = input("Enter the new MAC address to be used Or Press 0 to auto generate random MAC:- ")

def macchange():
    if nmac == 0:"macchanger -A " + iface)
    else:"ifconfig", iface, "hw", "ether", nmac)

def monmode():"iwcofig", iface, "mode monitor")"iwconfig", iface)
    print("Monitor mode Enabled successfully with new MAC address as below", iface)
    sys.exit("Thank you for using this tool")
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