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What is RDSH App Session Pre-Launch feature in Horizon 7.3 & later?


Application Session Pre-Launch feature greatly reduces the application launch time for end users.

Generally when user launches any RDSH application, Horizon client establishes the session with backend RDSH application with a message “Connection server is preparing your application” and then launches the application from it. This usually takes some time to load the application (Mostly under a minute or so).

With session pre-launch feature, Horizon client launches the session to RDSH application (Not application itself just session) even before user actually launches the application from Horizon client. So initial connection process is already done by the time user actually launches the application.

Now that’s interesting right, When I came across this feature, I was like,

I presume that you might also be thinking the same if not worked already with this. So let us dig into it and understand how this feature works.

First of all we will setup RDS Farm settings and an application pool in Horizon with session pre-launch option set to enabled. By the way, I am using Horizon 7.7 in my test lab.

We’ll go through each of below steps one by one to better understand how pre-launch is configured and how it works.

Let’s get started then…….

Setting up pre-launch timeouts in Farm settings

Now that we are done with timeout settings, let’s move to next steps.

Setting up application pool with session pre-launch

Great, we have our Application pool configured with session pre-launch enabled. Let’s try to connect & see if it works or needs more configurations.

Quick Pre-Test

And here we go with next step…..

Setting up horizon client settings for Session Pre-Launch.

In order to use session pre-launch feature, we need to enable it in Horizon client as well.

That is it folks. It’s all we need to do to enable Session Pre-launch. However, we will need to reconnect the horizon client for new settings to effect.

So Click two plugs icon in top right corner to disconnect and click ok to logoff as shown below.

.With this done, now is the time to see how exactly this feature works.

Testing Session Pre-Launch


So basically, our statement in the beginning stands true that session (Session only not application itself) is started to RDSH application the moment user connects horizon client to connection server.

Now, that is something worth a try. Give it a try folks. From end user perspective, it is really cool to have applications launched so quickly. It can really set user satisfaction to high levels. Also, with timeout settings in place, we don’t need to worry about session staying forever.


Session Pre-Launch feature can be used in cloud pod architecture as well. With global entitlements, by enabling the pre-launch policy when you create or modify the global application entitlement.

All the application pools in the global application entitlement must support the session pre-launch feature, and the pre-launch session timeout must be the same for all farms.

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