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How to setup a VMware Cloud Foundation lab at…


How to setup a VMware Cloud Foundation lab at…

Setting up VMware Cloud Foundation often requires quite a bit of hardware. Fortunately, we can now setup a nested VCF environment easily on a single server. This tutorial is a little long, but I have included markers below, so you can jump straight to the sections if required. Important links to get your VCF Lab Constructor goodie bundle. 00:38 Getting started 01:35 Nested VCF hardware requirements & pre-requisite softwares 02:31 JSON file 03:11 Walkthrough VCF Lab Constructor (VLC) 04:56 Fill in environment parameters into VLC 06:15 Start constructing the lab! 07:09 CloudBuilder OVF issue troubleshooting tip 09:19 Alternate way to track bring-up progress 10:51 VCF bring-up is complete! Time to check out SDDC Manager

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