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Upgrading to Horizon View 7.12 Release series wrap-up


In previous post, we have discussed Connection Server upgrade process. So we can move towards end of this blog post series.

So this post will be the last in this series of upgrading to Horizon 7.12 Release. In this post, we will upgrade the GPO Policies, upgrade Horizon Agent as the last block of the process, and verify the successful upgrade by testing connectivity to the virtual desktop.

Upgrading GPOs

Horizon 7 provides various component-specific such as Horizon agent, Horizon Client, and other Group Policy Administrative ADMX template files. The Horizon 7 ADMX template files contain both Computer Configuration and User Configuration group policies.

As per the version I downloaded i.e. 5.4.0, there are 18 ADMX templates in it.

Upgrading Horizon Agent

Upgrading Horizon agent is a fairly straight forward process just like upgrading Horizon Client.

Below is the screenshots walkthrough of Horizon Agent upgrade process.

Since Horizon agent is upgraded, we can go ahead do a quick test by connecting virtual desktops.

Wrapping up:

Successfully upgraded Horizon 7.7 deployment to Horizon 7.12 release. The order followed during this upgrade process is as below.

I did not upgrade RDSH since I am already running it on Windows Server 2012 R2, Also I had vSphere 6.7 already, so I did not upgrade it as well.

That is all in this Horizon upgrade series.

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