VMware vCenter Server 7.0.0a Update

I was working on some test configuration in my lab and noticed the update pop-up. So just checked it out on my vCenter Server 7.0 update planner for more details about this patch.

Out of curiosity, checked the release notes for the same in order to understand details about this patch since it is marked as critical.

VMware has recently released patch for vCenter Server 7.0, dated 19 May 20 Build 16189094. This update fixes vSAN issues. In vCenter Server 7.0 systems, if vSphere Lifecycle Manager is enabled on a vSAN cluster, vSAN File Services cannot be enabled on the same cluster and vice versa. 

vSphere Lifecycle Manager and vSAN File Services cannot be simultaneously enabled on a vSAN cluster

Updating your vCenter server to vCenter Server 7.0.0a Build number 16189094 ensures that the vSAN File Services and vSphere Lifecycle Manager are interoperable. You can enable both services at the same time in the vSAN Cluster.

You can download this patch by going to the VMware Patch Download Center.

To Install the patch:

  1. Attach the VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance- file to the vCSA.
  2. Log in to the appliance shell as a user as root and run the following commands: 
    • To stage the ISO:
      software-packages stage --iso 
    • To see the staged content:
      software-packages list --staged 
    • To install the staged rpms:
      software-packages install --staged

Planning Upgrade to vCenter Server 7.0.0a from 6.5 or 6.7?

There are few limitations related to upgrade from previous versions of vSphere. Upgrade to vCenter Server 7.0.0a is not supported from below listed versions of vSphere.

  • vCenter Server 6.5.0 U3j – 16275158*
  • vCenter Server 6.7.0 U3g – 16046470
  • vCenter Server 6.7.0 U3h – 16275304*

This is to avoid the code regression which happens in back-in-time upgrade scenarios. That sounds little odd right? 🙂 Let’s understand what it means.

Assume that your current installation is vSphere 6.5 u2d which released on 29-Nov-2018. Now you are planning to upgrade it to vSphere 6.7u1 which released on 16-Oct-2018. So, vSphere 6.7u1 is therefore considered a back-in-time release with reference to vSphere 6.5u2d.

A back-in-time scenario is defined as an upgrade path that would result in the deliberate regression of code and security fixes.

Below are the upgrade matrix from vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 to vSphere 7.0.0a

vCenter Server 6.5 to 7.0 upgrade matrix:

Release Date 04/20/202005/19/2020
 vCenter Release – Build Number7.0.0 – 159524987.0.0a – 16189094
12/19/20196.5.0 U3f – 15259038YesYes
1/30/20206.5.0 U3g – 15505374*YesYes
2/27/20206.5.0 U3h – 15679215*YesYes
3/26/20206.5.0 U3i – 15808842*YesYes
5/28/20206.5.0 U3j – 16275158*NoNo

vCenter Server 6.7 to 7.0 upgrade matrix:

Release Date 04/02/202005/19/2020
 vCenter Server – Build Numbers7.0-159524987.0.0a-16189094
12/05/20196.7.0 U3b – 15132721YesYes
01/30/20206.7.0 U3c – 15505668*YesYes
02/27/20206.7.0 U3d – 15679281*YesYes
03/26/20206.7.0 U3e – 15808844*YesYes
04/09/20206.7.0 U3f – 15976714NoYes
04/28/20206.7.0 U3g – 16046470NoNo
05/28/20206.7.0 U3h – 16275304*NoNo

I hope it’s helpful. Have fun upgrading.

!!! Cheers !!!

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