vRealize Automation Blueprint/Cloud Templates Object Types: vRealize Automation in 7.x and 8.x

Blueprint object types are different in vRealize Automation 7.x and 8.x. In vRealize Automation 8.x blueprints object types are called as cloud templates.

TypevRealize Automation 7vRealize Automation 8.0
vSphere (vCenter) machineInfrastructure.CatalogItem.Machine.Virtual.vSphereCloud.vSphere.Machine
Azure MachineCloud.Azure.Machine
Generic Virtual MachineInfrastructure.CatalogItem.Machine.Virtual.GenericCloud.Machine
On-Demand Load Balancer (NSX)Infrastructure.Network.LoadBalancer.NSX.OnDemandCloud.NSX.LoadBalancer
On-Demand Routed Network (NSX)Infrastructure.Network.Network.NSX.OnDemand.RoutedCloud.NSX.Network
NSX-T On-Demand Routed NetworkInfrastructure.Network.Network.NSXT.OnDemand.RoutedCloud.NSX.Network
NSX-T On-Demand NAT NetworkInfrastructure.Network.Network.NSXT.OnDemand.NATCloud.NSX.Network
Existing NetworkInfrastructure.Network.Network.ExistingCloud.vSphere.Network
On-Demand Private Network (NSX)Infrastructure.Network.Network.NSX.OnDemand.PrivateCloud.NSX.Network

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