NSX-T 3 Components

In this article, we will explore NSX-T 3.0 architecture components and try to understand the key concepts behind each of them. NSX-T provides the complete set of networking and security services such as switching, routing, fire walling, load balancing, QoS, IDS in software. These services can be programmatically assembled in arbitrary combinations to produce unique, … Continue reading NSX-T 3 Components

vRealize Automation Blueprint/Cloud Templates Object Types: vRealize Automation in 7.x and 8.x

Blueprint object types are different in vRealize Automation 7.x and 8.x. In vRealize Automation 8.x blueprints object types are called as cloud templates. TypevRealize Automation 7vRealize Automation 8.0vSphere (vCenter) machineInfrastructure.CatalogItem.Machine.Virtual.vSphereCloud.vSphere.MachineAWSInfrastructure.CatalogItem.Machine.Cloud.AmazonEC2Cloud.AWS.EC2.InstanceAzure MachineCloud.Azure.MachineGeneric Virtual MachineInfrastructure.CatalogItem.Machine.Virtual.GenericCloud.MachineOn-Demand Load Balancer (NSX)Infrastructure.Network.LoadBalancer.NSX.OnDemandCloud.NSX.LoadBalancerOn-Demand Routed Network (NSX)Infrastructure.Network.Network.NSX.OnDemand.RoutedCloud.NSX.NetworkNSX-T On-Demand Routed NetworkInfrastructure.Network.Network.NSXT.OnDemand.RoutedCloud.NSX.NetworkNSX-T On-Demand NAT NetworkInfrastructure.Network.Network.NSXT.OnDemand.NATCloud.NSX.NetworkExisting NetworkInfrastructure.Network.Network.ExistingCloud.vSphere.NetworkOn-Demand Private Network (NSX)Infrastructure.Network.Network.NSX.OnDemand.PrivateCloud.NSX.Network

PowerVCF v2.1.1 – General Availability

PowerVCF v2.1.1 – General Availability I'm pleased to announce the general availability of PowerVCF v2.1.1 for download from the PowerShell Library. As mentioned in previous posts PowerVCF is a open source project and the team has been working hard on the latest update in their spare time to add support for VMware Cloud [...] VMware … Continue reading PowerVCF v2.1.1 – General Availability