vSphere 7 Update 1 Major changes.

With the release of vSphere update 1, there is major shift in the supported compute maximums as summarised in table below.  vSphere 7vSphere 7 Update 1Virtual CPUs per VM256768Memory per VM6 TB24 TBCPUs per host768768Memory per host16 TB24 TBHosts per cluster6496 With vCenter Server 7.0 Update 1, scalability for vSphere Lifecycle Manager​ operations with ESXi hosts and … Continue reading vSphere 7 Update 1 Major changes.

AppInfo plugin in VMware Tools 11.x

https://youtu.be/ZzjpyuK7aB4 AppInfo plugin in VMware Tools 11 enables the collection of the running application processes within a Guest OS and publishes that information to VM guestInfo Property called as guestinfo.appinfo. For each application running inside the guest, the name and version information is captured and published by the plugin. The appInfo plugin collects the information in every 30 minutes … Continue reading AppInfo plugin in VMware Tools 11.x

NSX-V vs NSX-T – Basic Comparison

NSX-VNSX-TTight integration with vSphereYesNoWorks without vCenterNoYesSupport for multiple vCenter instances NoYesSupported virtualization platformsVMware vSphereVMware vSphere, KVM, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, AWS native workloadsNSX Edge deploymentESXi VMVM or physical serverOverlay encapsulation protocolsVXLANGENEVEVirtual switches (N-VDS)vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS)Open vSwitch or VDSLogical switch replication modesUnicast, Multicast, HybridUnicast (Two-tier or Head)ARP suppressionYesYesA two-tier distributed routingNoYesConfiguring the IP addressing scheme for … Continue reading NSX-V vs NSX-T – Basic Comparison

NSX-T 3 Components

In this article, we will explore NSX-T 3.0 architecture components and try to understand the key concepts behind each of them. NSX-T provides the complete set of networking and security services such as switching, routing, fire walling, load balancing, QoS, IDS in software. These services can be programmatically assembled in arbitrary combinations to produce unique, … Continue reading NSX-T 3 Components