Exchange Server 2019 Architecture and new features

With Exchange Server 2019 around, it is essential to explore the architecture of the same. Architecture of Exchange server 2019 is same as that of Exchange server 2016. It revolves around two server roles as below. Mailbox ServerEdge Transport Server Image: MicroSoft Mailbox Server role The Mailbox Server role is installed in the Active Directory … Continue reading Exchange Server 2019 Architecture and new features

vROPS 6.6 architecture components

In vROPS 6.0, new platform design was introduced by VMware to meet below listed goals. Treat all solutions equally and manage both VMware and third party solutions. Highly scalable platform with minimal reconfigurations and redesign requirements Monitoring solution with native high availability Following diagram shows components of vRealize Operations Manager 6.6.   Let's talk about … Continue reading vROPS 6.6 architecture components