VMware ESXi 6 password policy

With VMware ESXi 6, password policy require to use more complex passwords.  ESXi enforces password requirements for direct access from the DCUI, ESXi Shell, SSH, or the vSphere web Client. In previous versions of ESXi, password complexity changes had to be made by editing the /etc/pam.d/passwd file on each ESXi host.In vSphere 6.0 now this can … Continue reading VMware ESXi 6 password policy

Lockdown Mode vSphere 6.0 and 6.5

In order to improve security of ESXi host which is being managed by vCenter server centrally, we enable lockdown mode on ESXi hosts.ESXi 5.x and prior:When Lockdown mode is enabled, only the vpxuser has authentication permissions. Other users cannot perform any operations directly on the ESXi host. Lockdown mode forces all operations to be performed … Continue reading Lockdown Mode vSphere 6.0 and 6.5

How to add, manage local users in ESXi host 6.x & 7.x?

In this post we will explore managing local users on ESXi host through CLI, GUI and also discuss role management in local ESXi host. The process is identical in ESXi 6.x as well as ESXi 7.x version. For all versions of ESXi, you can see the list of predefined users in the /etc/passwd file. Usually, you should manage … Continue reading How to add, manage local users in ESXi host 6.x & 7.x?

ESXi Logs in DCUI Console

In DCUI Console, under system logs you will find 6 logs as listed below. Syslog.log Vmkernal.log Config (sysboot.log) Management Agent (hostd.log) Virutalcenter agent (vpxa.log) Vmware esxi observation log (vobd) Syslog.log Syslog.log holds logs for Management service initialization, watchdogs, scheduled tasks and DCUI use. We can view this log at https://<ESXi FQDN or IP>/host/syslog.log Vmkernal.log This … Continue reading ESXi Logs in DCUI Console