Which SCSI Controller to use for Virtual machine?

When we create a virtual machine, we can see the storage controller setting as below. Lets see what each of them do mean before we talk about changing the controller type for a VM. Bus Logic ParallelFirst emulated vSCSI controllers available in the VMware platform. In Windows server 2000, this driver available by default. This … Continue reading Which SCSI Controller to use for Virtual machine?

ESXi Logs in DCUI Console

In DCUI Console, under system logs you will find 6 logs as listed below. Syslog.log Vmkernal.log Config (sysboot.log) Management Agent (hostd.log) Virutalcenter agent (vpxa.log) Vmware esxi observation log (vobd) Syslog.log Syslog.log holds logs for Management service initialization, watchdogs, scheduled tasks and DCUI use. We can view this log at https://<ESXi FQDN or IP>/host/syslog.log Vmkernal.log This … Continue reading ESXi Logs in DCUI Console