vSAN 6.x Cluster Rebalancing

vSAN Cluster rebalancing evenly distributes resources across the cluster to maintain consistent performance and availability.If you remove capacity devices from the vSAN cluster, the disk groups might become unbalanced. If you add hosts or capacity devices to the vSAN cluster, the disk groups might become unbalanced. Rebalancing also occurs when you place a vSAN host … Continue reading vSAN 6.x Cluster Rebalancing

vSAN 6.x Architecture Components

We are going to discuss vSAN architecture components in this post. Generally, vSAN is easy to work with using management tools like vSphere client, Ruby Console or Web client and it simplifies administrative tasks greatly. However, it is important from troubleshooting point of view to know how things work under the hood. vSAN operations are … Continue reading vSAN 6.x Architecture Components

vROPS 6.6 architecture components

In vROPS 6.0, new platform design was introduced by VMware to meet below listed goals. Treat all solutions equally and manage both VMware and third party solutions. Highly scalable platform with minimal reconfigurations and redesign requirements Monitoring solution with native high availability Following diagram shows components of vRealize Operations Manager 6.6.   Let's talk about … Continue reading vROPS 6.6 architecture components

vSAN 6.x Cluster designs and considerations

In this post, we are going to discuss possible vSAN cluster designs, vSAN requirements and considerations.   As we all know, vSAN is available to customers in two flavours as listed below. Hybrid: Hybrid vSAN is implemented using combination of SSD (as Cache) and HDD (as Capacity device) Image: VMware   All Flash: All flash … Continue reading vSAN 6.x Cluster designs and considerations

vSphere 6.7 and vSAN 6.7 native monitoring using vROPS within vCenter

vSphere 6.7 and vSAN 6.7 now includes vRealize Operations within vCenter that provides monitoring capabilities natively in the HTML5 “Clarity” based vSphere client. This new feature allows vSphere customers to see a subset of intelligence offered up by vRealize Operations (vROPS) through a single vCenter user interface. Light-weight purpose-built dashboards are included for both vSphere and … Continue reading vSphere 6.7 and vSAN 6.7 native monitoring using vROPS within vCenter

Cache concepts and cache techniques

The concept of the Cache memory has been around since long time. Cache memory is generally used to fill the performance gap between computing architecture and persistent storage. Persistent bulk storage units cannot keep up with the performance requirements that of Compute processing. Just take an example of RAM to understand performance gap of CPU … Continue reading Cache concepts and cache techniques